At Kerikeri Gymnastics we cater for both male and female recreational and competitive gymnasts.

Our coaches ensure that our gymnasts are getting the best training options possible and each gymnast makes real progress. The structure of the gymnastics programme ensures fun, progress, challenges and consolidation of learned gymnastics skills. Children will be assessed throughout the year and possibly moved to another group if the next stage of gym is needed.


Gymnastics As A Sport

Gymnastics is an unusual sport in that you do not have weekly games, matches or tests where you can witness your child’s progressions. It can be difficult to see where improvements are being made and can seem like a lot of repetition and drills.

This is because gymnastics is a sport of dedication and precision. Skills are not learned quickly, but through repetition, and while this can at times be frustrating it leads to deeper satisfaction upon success.

Even what seems like simple skills can take a long time to master, and gymnasts need the support and understanding of their parents in this matter. Praising your child for their perseverance, rather than telling them how easy it looks, will go a long way in encouraging their dedication to the sport.

Gymnastics teaches children determination, patience and courage, as well as mental and physical discipline.